Week 03: Remember the small things

Posting this a little early because my drive for blogging is starting to slow. Mainly because how I’ve been feeling (health wise) lately it tends to slow down anything productive I try to do. Now’s the time where I have to do some self reflection and get myself back on track. In the meantime, here’s what week four in my ambitions look like.

Food: Not much to say here. This is the last week of this horrible diet before I get to eat whatever I want again. But I won’t be completely satisfied until my appetite comes back into full swing. Smelling and eating foods makes me so nauseous to where it knocks me off my feet the entire day. Now it’s making me afraid to eat anything. Of course, if I could have something dry like bread or crackers it wouldn’t be difficult to put something on my stomach. But alas, cannot have that on this stupid diet. And no, there still hasn’t been any improvement with pain and inflammation since this eating regimen. Also disclaimer: don’t suggest anymore diets to me. I’m not doing it.

Exercise: The most consistent thing I’ve been able to do lately. I feel a bit energized after I do it but then the pain of movement sets in as usual. I don’t regret it. Maybe there will be a time where I can grow pass this. Until then, I will keep at it. I’m going to go another week of 10 minutes on the bike because I missed two days last week.

Art: This is where I’m going to do some self reflection because I totally hit a wall.

Music: I think I’m going to have to save this for a little while later. I may have piled on too much on myself this month.

Getting out the house: I was able to go to a doctor’s appointment and stay out for a bit afterward, but it was so cold, it ruined me for the day.

I apologize that this entry is a bit lackluster. I’m so tired, unwell and feeling a bit lost. It happens on occasion. But being unwell without a break for a long string of weeks makes you puddle emotionally. I can get myself out of it. I just need a little time.


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