Week 1: It Was Stressful!

By stressful, I don’t mean my developmental routine being stressful. More like, “Life getting in the way to ruin your routine” stressful. Again, everything that could have went wrong, did go wrong. But the week was not 100% ruined. In fact, once I got a hold of myself and squared away the limitations I had during the day, I was still able to get a fairly good amount of work done. Could of been better, but things could have been worse.

My next plan is to figure out how to properly de-stress in a creative way but that’s going to take some brainstorming. In the meantime, I’m hoping to sail across some calmer waters for a while. I don’t think my blood pressure (surprise nosebleeds!) and fibromalgia can take it!

So I’ll start off the week with food. I have to correct myself when I say this is not a diet, but rather a food regimen. It started off well, as all changes to the norm do. I’m going to have to do better with taking more pictures of the meals that were made because most of the time, I was too hungry to get that perfect shot for the blog! But this was one of my breakfasts I had during the week:

A turkey hash with two boiled eggs. It was interesting. A little bland. Filling. It did the job…for a while. See, I don’t have much energy to cook, so I’m relying on family members of the house to do these meals. But my family is pretty busy with their own agendas (I miss those days of being able to have an actual life outside of being trapped in bed) so for a few days, there weren’t much variety to these meals. There were leftovers of the same thing, so I’ve had this turkey hash for three days straight before there was a pork shoulder veggie dish made. And I had the pork veggie dish for a few more days. Eating was becoming a chore instead of something to enjoy.

And the cravings…were absolute torture. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but leave sugar out of a diet and you want all the soda, all the donuts and the ice cream. Did I mention how much I miss BREAD. I feel you on the bread love, Oprah.

Thankfully yesterday I had just a smidgen of energy to bake chicken, roast some potatoes and steam broccoli. Simple but delicious. But I still get hungry two hours after eating. Sigh.

Exercise was a complete failure. We had two weeks of nonstop rain and cold weather before the sun poked through and waking up every morning felt like I was playing on the freeway the night before and getting hit by every car and truck. I scared myself into thinking that if I got on the bike to pedal my goal of five minutes I’d drain myself for the entire day and get nothing else done. But that’s where I went wrong. I’m supposed to pedal those five minutes to build up strength in order to do more! No matter if I felt worse afterward. It is a goal to work through the pain, to adapt and to eventually conquer.

Next week, I promise to do better.

Painting was a little harder because I put myself on a hiatus as painting wasn’t much fun for me anymore. I’ve been so hard on myself for trying to make more technical paintings that I started to actually stress myself out. I questioned whether doing more simple paintings wouldn’t convey the expression I was trying to relay. I went on YouTube and saw a painter doing a simple spattering of flowers and leaves with vibrant colors which took about 15 minutes. And in those 15  minutes, I saw–no–I felt his joy of just putting simple colorful shapes onto paper. And that was more expression than the technical figure drawings I was trying to achieve months ago.

I took a lesson from him. And I’m going to find the joy in painting more simple things. I tried my hand at “watercolor typography” as well, which didn’t come out the way I wanted. However, this little painting took the stress I was feeling throughout the week from my mind, if only for 10 minutes.

For music, my long awaited Yamaha Recorder finally came in the mail! I was waiting by the door with baited breath for this thing! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy to play it much, but I did spend some time studying notes on the music staff. Things I learned when I was 11, but I’m starting to remember them more quickly which will make jumping into playing faster than I anticipated. Yahoo!

Lastly I was able to get out of the house for a couple hours. Again I didn’t think to take a picture of this monumental event, but there wasn’t anything interesting to take a snap of. No excuses. Even a artistic view of a street sign should do.

And that was my week. Disappointing, yes. But I achieved some goals. And it’s my ambition to do better for week 2! Let’s get to it!


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