Week 0: Everything Went Wrong!

Isn’t there a law that says everything that could possibly go wrong, will go wrong? I think that would be spot on for how unpredictable life can be despite having the best plans or routine for yourself. I wanted to give myself a test week for a routine to set for myself and of course, nothing goes right. But in my case, I should expect that since I’ll be having more down days than ups. Not to mention this constant rainy weather we’re having makes me putting up an effort of 200%. With all that said, I’m not giving up. I’ll just have to adjust.

Anyway I’m going to cover something that’s in the plans alongside my weekly activities. And that is food! Or rather a diet. A strict diet. A diet that makes me freak out because I’m a frustratingly picky eater.


Now five months ago, I tried a gluten free diet because it was suggested to me by a few people (despite my doctor saying it wouldn’t make a difference for my condition). I actually went into going 6 weeks gluten free quite hopeful. It didn’t work. And that was hard for me. I’m not a gourmet foodie, but I do love comfort food to make me happy during bad days.

Well another friend told me about Whole 30 and I wasn’t impressed. My mother was though, especially hearing expressions of success from other friends who tried it, had their ailments disappear and their inflammation gone. Surely this would help me, right? After the gluten free fail, I just gave mom a shrug and told her I’d do it if the rest of the family had to suffer with me. I’m saying suffer because this diet is so STRICT. You have to give up a lot in order to feel the effects that you are going for. It’s a cleanse and a chance to get your tummy to start over fresh.

The rest of the family will have a bit of an easier time since they’re not as picky eaters as I am. The only thing they have to worry about is giving up the foods required to succeed. Me? I’m going to have to shove everything in my mouth and swallow before the tastes hits. I make it sound like I eat horrible foods. I’m not horrible…just really, really picky.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of Week 1 of this diet. I will report any changes that I feel to my body and also take pics of the meals made just to keep track. This trial is only for one week but if there is results, then I’m diving into the full 30 days. Meanwhile, I’m having my last hurrah with a fat Mexican burrito with a sprite. For tomorrow, everything goes.


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