Chronically Creative: A Nutshell

Here’s a quick version of what this blog is going to be about:

  • A log of my personal ambitions
  • Weekly progress of those ambitions
  • Miscellaneous things that keep me occupied on my down days
  • Sources of inspiration
  • The occasional post on my condition
  • Positivity!

What are my projects and ambitions:

  • Exercise!
  • Learning to play a new instrument
  • Paintings and Sculpting
  • Getting out of the house more
  • Traveling (?)

What you will not see here:

  • Health Advice
  • Negativity¬†posts regarding my situation
  • Topics outside of my ambitions (ie: current events of the world)

I’m sure the online community of people dealing with chronic illnesses is pretty big, but I’m not really looking for them. Again, I’m all about dealing with my condition through productivity and ambition. If you do want to reach out to me for an opinion or just to relate on the same level with me, I’m all for it! You can reach several ways:

  • Email: chronicallycreative85(at)
  • Twitter: @chronicallyC
  • Youtube: (coming soon!)
  • Commenting on blog posts

See you around!


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