Moment Time: Time and Energy vs. Energy and Condition

If it were left to me, I’d chose “time and energy” when it came to creativity. Most creators who have a good well being struggle with either having no time or no energy to create things.

For those with a chronic illness, or in my case, it’s energy and condition. You see, I base my condition four ways which determines how I tackle the day (or become artistically productive):

  1. High Energy, Low Pain: I pretty much feel like Superman and can do ANYTHING this day.
  2. High Energy, High Pain: Surprisingly, my high energy overrides the high pain. I’m slower, production wise, but I can still get quite a bit done before falling into a heap of fatigue because of pain.
  3. Low Energy, High Pain: The worst. I can’t do anything in this condition.
  4. Low Energy, Low Pain: I can do very little. But mostly, I just want to lie down and do nothing.

Another thing about energy and condition is that you can only take it a day at a time. Sometimes, hours at a time, because your condition can change in a matter of hours. It happens to me, as mornings are awful for me but I get an energy boost in the afternoon and return to being grumpy and miserable by bedtime.

I say all this to say, use the positive energy and condition to get things done.  It is a treasure and a gateway to action that you must use the moment you can because who knows when it will come back. Don’t focus on how little you get done. Focus on the fact that you’ve gotten something done. That’s what projects are! Things that you can return to until you complete them.

And it may take you a long time to do it. But I tell you, the satisfaction you get when finishing what you’ve been working on is well worth it. Then you can sleep as long as you like!

I’m kidding. 😉

So while the majority faces their personal crisis of finding the time or the energy to work on their projects, chronically ill folks have to endeavor a little bit more, work a little harder because our bodies are against us. Taking secular time off or drinking coffee won’t do the trick (…unless coffee does help some chronic illnesses, if that’s the case I’d love to know!), your body rules you on that one and you gotta listen to it.

But when you feel your best, you craft the best, so be patient and stay creative!


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