Moment Time: Introduction

Hello everybody!

I’ve been stewing over wanting to make a platform to express the need to create while being chronically ill. It’s not easy to do, because of low energy and/or pain, and it can leave you feeling a bit sad sometimes. I know I do.

So if you’re in a similar circumstance, or know someone who is, I hope to provide a little bit of insight on some friendly hobbies and projects that you can do to help pass the time while feeling ill.

Not only am I housebound a lot of the time, but I’m also stuck in bed a lot too. And let me tell you, it can get very boring staring at four walls…or your computer screen looking at YouTube if you have nothing else to do.

Let’s not succumb to that (if you can help it) and let’s try to keep our brain alert with small projects (or bigger ones, if you don’t mind doing it while pacing  yourself) that you can do without exerting energy, while at the same time, giving yourself positive energy by staying busy.

I’m pretty sensitive with what people cannot do, as I often can’t do what I like because sometimes I’m feeling so sick, the most I can do…is nothing at all. So I empathize and if you feel you can’t do a project that I suggest and would like something easier, let me know and I’ll reach out to try and think of something. At the same time, if YOU have any ideas for me to do, send it my way. I’m desperate at times!

“But, wait!”, you may say, “I’m not a creative person at all! There must be something else I can do!” Sure you can! Sometimes, even *I* don’t feel like being creative. But I still have the need to do something. Worry not, not all hobbies require creativity as it requires some sort of skill, such as gardening. And if you don’t have the skill, take some time to learn it. I will be making blog posts like that  as well.

Lastly, I would love for this blog to be regularly updated, but let’s face it, it won’t happen. But it won’t be completely sparse either. Sometimes I may even upload in batches if I’m having a good string of days. Other days, I may feel so bad, that I just need to rest. I’m sure most of you will understand.

This blog is completely child friendly! In fact, if you are young and ill, or if you are a parent of a sick child, I hope I can help. I feel that children most of all need to keep their minds busy (and feel in ways they are even more creative than adults sometimes!), so let’s all help each other out here!

You may be chronically ill, but you can also be chronically creative!


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